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In an exceptional setting, the EASE Factory School offers its customers 4300 m² of premises, including 2000 m² of fully equipped clean rooms that reproduce an environment that complies with the GMP standard.

Controlled Access Zones -CAZ
- The process areas allow the implementation of three manufacturing processes for dry forms, sterile liquid forms and upstream/downstream production of biomedicines.
- In the non process areas, the steps of preparation for production are carried out: dressing, weighing, formulation, microbiological quality control of products and the environment, washing and autoclaving.
- Two showrooms equipped with all the utilities necessary for the operation of the machines can accommodate process development activities, the presentation of new products by equipment manufacturers.

Technical areas
The technical areas provide an introduction to the use and maintenance of all utility production units (pure water, pure steam, HVAC, effluent treatment, etc.) as well as to the acquisition of process and environmental data in a 4.0 context.

The seminar area, a prestigious setting for your events
Three equipped seminar rooms, a large exceptional meeting room and a vast exhibition and catering hall welcome you to organize your events, trade shows, management committees, training sessions, cocktails, scientific conferences, sales force meetings, forums....

EASE is a prestigious and original setting, a strong architectural gesture to sign your events!

Clean rooms process
Conditions similar to GMPs
You will be trained

You will be trained on

  •     the compression and format changeover
  •     the washing of the punches
  •     the cleaning of the area at the end of production

  • Multi-punch tablet press Korch Pro xl100, 25 to 40kg, 2000 to 29.000comp/h - 8 punches
  • Washing of punches by Steelco washer (Ref. DS PH Lab)
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Manufacture of dry forms - Tabletting


LFS-123 : 17 m²

LFS-127 : 26 m²

Capacity of reception

LFS-123 : 5

LFS-127 : 5

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