The partner of training organisations, academic education and manufacturers in the fields of pharmaceuticals, chemistry, cosmetic and agri-food.

As a training support, EASE is a unique pedagogical platform in Europe that provides a single place to learn about the production of dry forms, sterile liquid forms and upstream/downstream bioproduction under GMP conditions. EASE provides trainers from all horizons with a production site entirely dedicated to learning Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

Discover EASE

The factory-school in the service of training for production in controlled atmosphere

2000 m² of clean rooms in a 4.0 box

EASE offers 2000 m² of clean rooms in GMP-like, three pharma lines process, in an industrial environment copied on manufacturing sites.
EASE is already the factory of tomorrow.


2000 m² of classified and qualified industrial production areas

It is 2000 m² of classified and qualified industrial production areas

A global approach: process experts, consumables and regulatory PPE, adapted accommodation and catering solutions that will make your stay easy and pleasant.

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Manufacturing tablets or capsules, running a filling line for sterile liquids, producing monoclonal antibodies, training in the maintenance of control instruments, learning how to operate utility production units, training in hygiene and dressing rules, giving theoretical courses, presenting new products to future customers in complete confidentiality,testing your product in development...everything is possible in our 24 rooms, designed and equipped to meet your every expectation.